Giulia Beatini approached music at the age of six thanks to experience polyphonic singing, while simultaneously cultivating an interest in drama and improvisation.
Graduated in Philosophy with full marks and honours from the University of Genoa, she conducted her musical studies of singing and vocal chamber music at the Conservatories of Genoa and Turin, with Gloria Scalchi and Erik Battaglia. At the Conservatory “Niccolò Paganini” in Genoa she obtained the 2nd level Academic Diploma in Lyrical Singing with full marks, honours and dignity of publication. She deepened her study of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries music with Matteo Messori, Alessio Tosi and Rossana Bertini.
She promotes the repertoire of the ‘900 by regularly performing with Eutopia Ensemble and MDI Ensemble, and she has premiered works at the International Festival of Contemporary Music of the Venice Biennale.
At the same time she has a strong predilection for ancient music and in this area she collaborates regularly with groups like Cantica Symphonia, La Compagnia del Madrigale, Cappella Augustana, Il Pomo d’Oro, Coro Maghini and Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri, performing in the most important national and international musical seasons and festivals. She has won the 2nd prize at the 16th Seghizzi International Competition of Chamber Singing, with the attribution of several prizes, including the best interpretation of a Lied. She has interpreted Camilla in the opera “Il trionfo di Camilla” by GIovanni Bononcini at Palazzo Albergati (Bologna) and at the Pavarotti Theater of Modena.
She has recorded for Glossa, Arcana/Outhere and Deutsche Grammophon.