A music enthusiast from an early age, Alessandro Baudino obtained a Master’s Degree cum laude from the University of Torino in Musicology – History and Criticism of Culture and Musical Heritage, a degree in singing at the Ghedini Conservatory in Cuneo, under the guidance of Carlo De Bortoli, and the Master cum laude in Vocal Performing Arts at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, under the guidance of Luisa Castellani. He has an intense artistic activity as a singer in numerous ensembles that led him to perform throughout Europe.
Interested in the organization, production and artistic direction of Performing Arts, he began his managerial career within the Foundation Academia Montis Regalis, for which he managed, from 2007 to 2014, the artistic secretariat, the orchestra organization and all logistical / administrative / accounting elements related to musical production. After a short experience as artistic director of Regie Sinfonie, Season of I Musici di Santa Pelagia in Torino, for the seasons 2014/15 and 2015/16, decides to put to good use the experiences accumulated in the organizational field (with particular attention to the European tax and social security legislation on Performing Arts) and begins to collaborate as a consultant for prestigious Italian ensembles of ancient and baroque music. In 2020 he founded Maestro, a society that deals with the administrative management and production of important ensembles and orchestras, such as Il Canto di Orfeo, La Magnifica Comunità, La Compagnia de Madrigale and Cantica Symphonia, as well as following individual artists in their administrative management. Since 2021 he has been administrator of Erato Choir.